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I look forward to Mondays with Montaigne. And today was no exception. I truly enjoyed what you posted. And I hope I don’t come across as presumptuous to disagree with Montaigne’s idea of consistency. But I do. And the main reason is because of what I have read in so many of the essays you have posted, specifically the ones quoting Heraclitus and talking about how we never step into the same river twice. We are not the same person one day to the next, or even one hour to the next because conditions are always changing, and our ideas about things change as we learn more and experience more. Furthermore, in the essay, I think part two was contradicted by part three where you quoted montaigne “no man sketches out a definite plan for his life; we only determine bits of it.“ As I see it, life occurs in bits and pieces and we adapt and perforce we change as time goes by. But I stand ready to be corrected. All the best,

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Hey Gandolfo! Thanks for reading, glad to hear you're appreciating the Mondays with Montaigne. I see your point, I think Montaigne might appreciate the disagreement! It's likely that I may have failed to accurately convey Montaigne's point (He's a little challenging to decipher at times). I believe Montaigne would agree with your point of "life occurs in bits and pieces." He stresses that our bits do not necessarily move us closer to our desires destination. As always, thanks for reading!

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