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Perennial Meditations

How does one live a good life? What is the good life? The Stoic philosopher Seneca wrote to a friend (nearly two thousand years ago), “No one ever became wise merely by chance.” But how does one actually become wiser? I’m J.W. Bertolotti, and these are the types of perennial questions that interest me. You might know me from In Search of Wisdom, Perennial Meditations, or the Perennial Leader Project. If not, to put it simply, I’m someone curious about life — trying to follow the adage: “One should never stop learning how to live.”

For much of my adult life, I served on active duty in the U.S. military and was fortunate to see many places and work alongside extraordinary people. Today, I dedicate much of my time to searching for wisdom (and chasing my kids around!). Thank you for reading; I hope you join us in the search for wisdom!

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Reading & the Good Life

If you’re interested in connecting with a few fellow travelers — I encourage you to check out Reading & the Good Life. It is a free weekly meetup over Zoom (every Friday at Noon EST) for Perennial Meditations members.

Reading & the Good Life is intended to provide a casual space for connection, contemplation, and conversation on the art of living. Each month we explore a new book to help guide our discussions. But please do not feel pressured to read anything to attend the weekly meetup. Every Thursday, I send out a few selected passages to ponder in advance if you like. I hope to see you there!

Thank you for reading; I hope you find something useful here for daily life.

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